Melodic Oud vibes with Pidovibes - Route 29

Pidovibes is a lofi music producer, with the particularity of using Oud instrument as main instrument. Why that? Because Pido irl used to be a member of andalucian music in his country, and loved Oud instrument. His project is clear, creating lovely lofi melodies and try to reach a perfect harmony of oud with other instruments. Pidovibes has done 1 collaboration till now, with a very talented artist named rhesa (japaneese lofi) , release will be in September. Song description: Pido is a video game lover, and Pokémon is one of his favorite game ever, especially the firsts ones. So this track is the first lofi remake of a video game, and there will be others in the future surely for other games , and always with Oud.

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