Sroud - Beirut

Artist Bio: Born in the Middle East, Sroud has left his country, family and friends looking for new adventures. His Middle Eastern roots influence his choice of instrumentation and style. He has always wanted to make music that is more than just a reflection of his memories and experiences; something that could transfer others to their own feelings and memories. His “minimalist” LoFi music has a Middle Eastern transcendentalist twist. Song: Beirut! The city where Sroud grew up. Beirut is where I had my first kiss, my first fight, and my first heartbreak. There, I had family, friends, and enemies. We roamed the streets like we owned it. We knew everyone, and everyone knew us! It is the place where we felt invincible; it was our playground. We fought so hard for what we wanted. We loved each other more than life itself. We had the best of days and the worst of them. But the thing about Beirut is that it never stops changing; even if it seems like nothing has at all, one day you'll realize how much has changed since then! I am no longer there! Now, it is just a happy memory.

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