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RUWME - Chill Sunset


I hope I've made you a little happier by transporting you to a world where your problems don't belong. 🌌 This song is about a relaxing sunset, as the name suggests, where a pianist, a cellist and a trumpet player…

Sroud - Beirut

Artist Bio: Born in the Middle East, Sroud has left his country, family and friends looking for new adventures. His Middle Eastern roots influence his choice of instrumentation and style. He has always wanted to make music that is more…

Refeeld - Little Warm Miracle

Born on April 21th 2002 to parents who were college music majors, he grew up exposed to piano, guitar, and drums from an early age. And he attended music classes until he entered elementary school. 

He started to produce music…

Grizzly Beatz - Melancholy

"Melancholy" is the latest release from Grizzly Beatz which launched on all streaming platforms today 1/6/23. This sad emotional lofi track is perfect when you are in your feelings. 

Dimension 32 - The Way Out


Martin, aka Dimension 32, is a 25 year-old Lo-fi producer and guitarist from Paris, France. 
 The artistic direction of Dimension 32 is based on the ten-year experience of Martin as a pop-rock guitarist and songwriter : melodic and emotional guitar…

Middle Child - Miss You


I wrote this song (on guitar) for my Dad, who is in Heaven now and whom I miss deeply. 


Making music for fun ❤️ 
Middle Child is a side project of Artist/Producer/DJ (Dan L.) that was birthed in 2014…

Grizzly Beatz - Love

Love is one of the latest tracks written and produced by Grizzly Beatz. "Love" is a melodic and smooth LoFi instrumental with ambient vocals and guitar. The track will be releasing on all major music platforms in 2023. 

Logarith - A hard day's work is over

Hi, I'm now exactly for one year into producing lofi music and learned a lot over the year. I think you can hear it in my new song that it improved a lot. A hard day's work is a good…

Kissamilé - Resilience

The duo’s singular voices break through a backdrop of neo-soul tones, chillhop beats and lofi oscillations. Kissamilé mixes genres with comfort and writes with crystal clear emotion.

ChillHop Beat Tapes: Teddy Roxpin

Teddy Roxpin is a Los Angeles based producer specializing in Hip Hop & R&B. He has worked with artists such as Mac Miller, Logic, Future, Chris Webby, Apathy, Michael Christmas, Hoodie Allen and many more.