LoFi Recording Artists Cloudbreak brings you "Lunar"

LoFi Recording Artists Cloudbreak brings you

Inviting you to embark on an intimate journey thru soundscapes and constant evolving harmonies and melodies. Cloud Break makes the most of the lofi hip/hop style with a truly intriguing combination of emotional atmospheres and raw beats. The synth baselines provide the foundation on which a combination of fragile guitars, bell sounds, airy Rhodes and vintage piano’s make a beautiful and instantly recognizable melody stand out. 

Lars Broekhuijse is a multi-intrumentalist composer and music producer. Born in the northern part of the Netherlands in November of 2000. Since the early age of five, Lars got in contact with the Piano. Pursuing his dream of one day making a living of music, he published music of a wide variety of genres, including Dance/Pop, HipHop and House. He decided to refocus his music, bringing together what he likes the most in a more ambient style. He started his project in early 2020, since then, he has attracted the attention of many music references, and has released music with loads of talented artists and music labels like Lofi Records, Chill Beats, Effortless Audio, Retro Jungle and Noh Life.

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