BUY 1 GET 4 FREE (ADD 5, 10, 15, 20 BEATS TO CART)



How to Buy 1 Beat and get 4 Beat for free? 
​Add 5,10,15,20 beats of the same license type to the cart, the discount applies automatically.

What Is A Sync License? 
Music Sync Licensing grants you to use the instrumental version as background music or intro music within film, T.V, YouTube video, website, advertisement etc. It does not authorize a recording artists to record a new song with the beat.

What Is A Exclusive Rights? 

Exclusive rights will grant a recording artist to record a new song with the beat and release it for commercial usage with unlimited distribution limits, monetization, downloads etc. It will grant 50% publishing rights to the artist. Once exclusive rights is purchased, the beat will only be available for sync licensing. Visit my exclusive beats store to buy exclusive beats.

Will you remove your voice tag after I purchase the beat(s)? 
All purchases are delivered in the highest quality possible without watermarks or tags.

How do I buy a beat from your store? 
You can buy beats via the beat store above click “add” next to the beat(s) you’d like to purchase and proceed to the checkout section. ​

When will I receive my purchase? 
You’ll receive your beat downloads and licenses immediately after purchase via email. Remember to check your spam or junk folders for the email containing download links to your beat(s). ​

Do you guys offer any music promotion services for recording artists? 
Yes, we promote all artist that collaborated with us. We encourage all of our customers to share with us the new track's Spotify link so that we can showcase them on our music page and increase engagement and exposure. We do this for free as a way of saying thank you for believing in our beat production. ​

I got a YouTube Copyright notice, what can I do? 
If you have purchased the beat that was used in your YouTube video then you can dispute the claim. You will have to reference the invoice/order number in which you purchased the beat as well as upload a copy of the license agreement. After review the claim will be lifted. 

If I purchase a beat and make a Music Video with it can I Monetize the Video on YouTube? 
Yes, the beat comes with YouTube Video Monetization Rights, meaning you can record the the beat and the new song can be used in a YouTube video that is monetized. If you simply wish to use the beat as intro or background music then you will need the Sync License. 

Can I use the instrumental for T.V., Film, or Video Games? 
If you wish to use solely the instrumental in a T.V, Film or Video Game project then you must purchase a Sync License


Our beat store above has over 800 beats for sale. Each beat is professionally mixed and mastered and ready for vocals. Our website has become the popular place for recording artist to find beats for sale for their next mixtape, EP or single. All beats come untagged when purchased and also come with unlimited usage rights.

What Is An Unlimited Beat Lease?

This means that recording artists can sell unlimited paid downloads and physical CD 's without paying any mechanical royalties to the producer. Our Unlimited beat lease also allows the recording artists to use the beat for unlimited paid and non-profit performances, music videos, video and audio streams, unlimited radio stations etc. Our prices are the best online for Unlimited Trackout Leases, it is no wonder this is the best place to find beats for sale online.