Are you a LoFi, Chillhop or Jazzhop Producer ? Do you have a HIGH QUALITY song or album on Spotify
Do you want free Spotify music promotion? Provide us with your Spotify Album or Song link, and detailed bio & song description in the form below. . If your submission is accepted it will be shared on our LoFi Spotify Music Blog, as well as across our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Note: This promotion is not for artists outside of LoFi, Chillhop or Jazzhop genre. 

STEP 1. 


Why Should I Submit My Spotify Music? 
Did you know that having your Spotify song or album embedded on high ranking (Google Search), Music Related, Authoritative sites can increase your music streams as well as help it please the Spotify Algorithms? Spotify is constantly looking to see what songs are being share on music blogs for consideration of their official playlist. Having your Spotify music embedded on our blog will only help increase your  music streams and possible get more followers and monthly listeners on Spotify. 

You Will Promote It For Free?, What's The Catch? 
No catch, and yes it is completely free as long as the music is high quality, in the LoFi/Chillhop/Jazzhop Genres, the bio you submit is well written, and you follow me on IG. We only promote artists who take their work seriously. 

Will I Be Notified If My Submission is Accepted? 
Yes, if you submit and your music information is accepted you will receive a link to your live featured post within 48 hours. If you do not hear anything it is because your submission didn't meet the required guidelines: wrong genre, poor quality song, bio was poorly written, low quality artist image etc.

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