Chill Vibes From TossedOnion With "A Wizard's House"

tossedonion a wizard's house

Hello, I'm TossedOnion you can call me Leon, I am a starting producer from the Philippines. I used to be an artist before I got into music production. I learned classical music back in college then I started making music with bands and playing on conventions and competitions, then the pandemic happened so I learned music production.

TossedOnion is a music producer/artist. His style blends light, soft and fluffy progressions with drums and bass up front to produce something easy, chill and relaxing tunes to listen to. His influences spreads on multiple genres started from classic rock to punk, blues all the way to classical music, anime OST, video game soundtracks and now to a more softer, chill and relaxed like lofi hiphop and ballads. He started his musical journey as a guitarist now switching to a full time artist/music producer.

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